Consider Student Registration
  • Provide student with personal contact right when they enroll.
  1. Day one, make a phone call!
  2. Students taking courses via distance ed need to know you are their to support them. Make the call!
  3. Outgoing calls are cheaper than collect or 1-800. Make the call!
  4. Students need motivation to get started and are looking for a reason. Make the call!
  5. Students are more likely to guess, get a wrong concept, or give up entirely when they are having trouble with something. You call them if they seem stalled. Make the call!
  6. When student know the instructor they are more likely to take your other classes. Make the call.
  7. Did I miss anything here? Oh yeah! MAKE THE CALL!
  • Enable Student to start right away.
  1. While students are waiting for classes to arrive they often begin other things.
  2. The begining of somthing new is always exciting, use that excitement.
  3. Excited students often complete many assignments in the first week and get into the class quickly.
  4. If the course takes over a week to get to the student some of the excitment may have worn off.
  5. Try to give the students all the resourses they need for the first couple assignments within one or two days.
  • Provide the entire course with options on completion.
  1. If your course is designed to be a full year supply all the things the student will need for the entire course.
  2. Students finishing the first semester should not have to wait until February for materials for the second semester.
  3. All student packest for the entire course are identical whether they want the first semester, second semester or parts and peices of the course.
  4. If you course is broken into quarters students, teachers, and parents can decide what quarters they want their student to take if they only need a semester.
  5. Students can scan the whole course to be prepared for what is coming. No surprises!