Scheduling the Course
  • Provide the entire course with options on completion.
  1. If your course is designed to be a full year supply all the things the student will need for the entire course.
  2. Students finishing the first semester should not have to wait until February for materials for the second semester.
  3. All student packets for the entire course are identical whether they want the first semester, second semester or parts and peices of the course.
  4. If you course is broken into quarters students, teachers, and parents can decide what quarters they want their student to take if they only need a semester.
  5. Students can scan the whole course to be prepared for what is coming. No surprises!
  • Creating a Schedule
  1. Students will be enrolling at different times and on different semesters and/or quarters so you will not be able to create a calendar schedule.
  2. Students should create their own goals for completion.
  3. Students will be given a maximum of one year from registration date for completion of the course.
  4. Create a syllabus that outlines your expectations for completion.