• If you think you are giving students too much information; you are.
  • More, shorter assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • Organize assignments with a to-do list.
  • Create quick easy items for the first part of the to-do list
  • Give credit for as much student work as you can.
  • Limit assignments to 20-30 minutes
  • Use pictures to describe concepts
  • Find resources with lower reading levels but higher interest level.

Creating Distance Education For Everyone



Mr. Joseph Marley



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  • Provide student with personal contact right when they enroll.
  • Give the students the ablity to check their grade at any time.
  • Enable Student to start right away.
  • Divide course into small peices.
  • Provide the entire course.
  • Work toward Alaska Standards, YKSD curriculum while following textbook order.
  • Each assignment page should contain contact information.
  • Develop a pattern