Welcome to World Geography and Cultures!

This course is designed to meet the Alaska Indendent Distance Education Curriculum, State of Alaska Performance and Content Standards, and National Education Standards. World Geography and Cultures covers location, physical features, poeple and cultures, and economies of 23 regions of the world.

Click here for the First Quarter Assignments (This quarter teaches an intro to Geography and the western hemisphere)

Click here for the Second Quarter Assignments (This quarter teachers about Europe and Russia)

Click here for the Third Quarter Assignments (This quarter teaches about Africa and Asia)

Click here for the Fourth Quarter Assignments (This quarter teaches about Southeast Asia and the Pacific)


Click here for a comprehensive list of things you need to complete for the course. You can print it out and check them off as you complete them. (Microsoft Word Version, PDF Version)

You will need a .pdf viewer to view most documents if you have trouble viewing most documents go to Adobe Reader.