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Instructor: Mr. Joseph G. Marley

1 Carnegie Credit

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Contact Time: 7am-4PM M-F

Course Description:

Mathematics for Alaska’s HSGQE is a course that is designed to help students meet the standards that are tested on the Alaska HSGQE. The text uses a variety of modalities to promote concept mastery including a step-by-step approach to teach basic mathematic concepts. This course is designed to meet the Yukon-Koyukuk School District Curriculum, State of Alaska Performance Standards, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards. The following topics are covered:

First Quarter
Second Quarter
Third Quarter
Fourth Quarter
  • Number System
  • Rational Numbers and Fractions
  • Integers
  • Graphing
  • Whole Numbers and Algebra
  • Basic Operations and Rational Expressions
  • Exponents, Radicals, and the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Geometry
  • Decimals
  • Ratios, Proportions,and Percents
  • Equations from Geometry
  • Data, Statistics, and Probability
  • Number Theory





Interest Level: Grades 6-12, ABE, ESL


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Mathematics Pathways Pearson Education $60 shipping included: ISBN 0-7854-3605-7



Printed Tests and Quizzes/Hand Grading

It is possible to have paper copies of all quizzes and tests and then have them administrated by an on-site instructor. You will not need Internet or computer access to complete the course using this method. However, due to the extra grading time and printing costs there is an additional fee of $45 per semester for this option.


Supplementary Readings

            If a student is struggling with a concept they will be provided with supplemental problems and assignments until the students understands the objective.


Academic Dishonesty

            With most correspondence courses as well as Math for the HSGQE honesty of parents and students is essential. In the event that YKSD, RCS, or AIDE administration suspects cheating or dishonesty among students and proctors an investigation will be carried out. If the investigation shows that cheating has occurred then the student will receive a failing grade and no credit.



EVERYONE should be able to achieve an "A" in this class! You may take the quizzes as many times as you like and your top score on the quiz is the one that counts. It is also permissible to use notes, study materials, and books on the quizzes. After you complete a quiz on-line it will be immediately scored and you will be given a summary of your responses and the correct responses. If you miss one or two you can memorize the answers and go back and retake the quiz. Be careful, it will not be in the same order the second time. Quizzes will count for 50% of your grade.


The tests will count as 50% of your grade. Much of what is on the quizzes will show up again on the tests. Print out the quizzes and study them before taking the tests. The self-study checklist and the study guide have great information to prepare you for a test, use them. Your first score on any test is the one that counts. Although you will be allowed to take the test as many times as you like the scores you receive will not count. You are not allowed to use notes, study materials, and books on the tests. The tests are meant to reflect how much you have learned while completing the lessons and investigations. If you follow the self-study checklist I have no doubt that you will do great on the tests!


The following grading scale will be used for determining your final grade. After completing the course with a "D-" or better you will receive one Carnegie credit from the Yukon Koyukuk School District.






94% - 99%


90% - 93%


87% - 89%


83% - 86%


80% - 82%


77% - 79%


73% - 76%


70% - 72%


67% - 69%


63% - 66%


60% - 62%


< 60%




Alaska Independent Distance Education is supported by the Yukon-Koyukuk School District. There are two ways for students to get credit after completing the course. The first is for the student's district to accept the curriulum of the course or match it with one of thier courses then give them indistrict credit for the course. The second is to have transcripts created for students completing the course by the Yukon-Koyukuk School District and mailed to the student's school of record or their parents.


Course Schedule

You are in charge of your own schedule. The course must be completed within one year of the start day. We do post .25 credits for each quarter completed.


Subject to Change

This syllabus and schedule are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances. It is your responsibility to check the web site for changes weekly. You instructor will also notify you of changes via e-mail.