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Mathematics Pathways is a course that is designed to help students meet the standards that are tested on the Alaska High School Progress tests. The text uses a variety of modalities to promote concept mastery including a step-by-step approach to teach basic mathematic concepts. This course is designed to meet the Yukon-Koyukuk School District Curriculum, State of Alaska Performance Standards, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards. Click below for a comprehensive checklist that you can print and have at your workstation to keep track of what you need to complete.

Assignment Checklist ( Microsoft word or PDF file)

Click here for the First Quarter Assignments
  Number Systems (M 1.2.2; M3.3.2; M 3.4.3; M 10.3.1)
  Whole Numbers and Algebra (M3.3.2; M3.4.3; M 4.4.2; M 4.3.5; M4.3.1)
  Decimals (M1.2.2; M3.3.5; M3.3.2; M 3.4.3; M 1.3.3; M1.3.4)

Number Theory (M1.3.5; M1.3.1)


Click here for the Second Quarter Assignments
  Rational Numbers and Fractions (M 3.4.5; M3.3.5; M 10.3.1)
  Basic Operations and Rational Expressions (M1.3.5; M4.4.2; M 4.4.3; M3.4.5; M10.3.2)

Ratios, Proportions, and Percents (M3.4.5; M2.3.5; M3.3.5; M 2.3.4; M 10.3.1)


Click here for the Third Quarter Assignments
  Integers (M1.3.1; M1.4.5; M3.3.2; M3.4.3; M10.3.1)

Exponents, Radicals, and the Pythagorean Theorem (M1.3.1; M1.3.3; M3.4.3; M5.3.1;M10.3.1; M10.3.2;)


Equations from Geometry (M5.3.1; M5.2.2; M5.3.4)


Click here for the Fourth Quarter Assignments
  Graphing (M4.3.4; M5.2.6; M4.3.5; M5.2.7; M10.3.2)
  Geometry (M2.2.3; M8.3.3; M2.3.4; M5.3.1; M5.3.3; M5.2.6; M10.3.2)
  Data Statistics, and Probability (M6.3.1; M6.3.2; M7.2.2; M6.3.3; M6.1.4; M6.2.5; M6.3.4; M10.3.2)

You will need a .pdf viewer to view most documents if you have trouble viewing most documents go to Adobe Reader.