AIDE-AGS Exploring Literature

Fourth Quarter

Unit 7 "Poetry"

Introduction to Poetry/Ballads and Songs Introduction**Quiz** A Red, Red Rose**Quiz** The Streets of Laredo**Quiz**
Ballad of Birmingham**Quiz** Blessed Lord, what it is to be young & We Real Cool.**Quiz** Jabberwocky**Quiz**
The Bells .**Quiz** Be Like the Bird**Quiz** Oranges.**Quiz**
flock and The Red Wheelbarrow **Quiz** Haiku and The rooster's crowing**Quiz** Gathering**Quiz**
The Poet **Quiz** The Road Not Taken**Quiz** In a Farmhouse**Quiz**
this morning **Quiz** My Life Story**Quiz** A Headstrong Boy**Quiz**
Chicago**Quiz** Nikki-Rosa**Quiz** Unit 7Test **Test**

Unit 8 "Drama"

Drama Introduction **Quiz** Romeo and Juliet, Act V**Quiz** A Raisin in the Sun, Act I Scene One**Quiz**
Writer's Realm**Quiz**     Unit 8**Test** 


End of fourth Quarter

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