AIDE-AGS Exploring Literature

First Quarter

Unit 1 "Fables"

01-01 Aesop's Fables **Quiz** 01-02 The Dog in the Manger **Quiz** 01-03 The Dog and His Reflection **Quiz**
01-04 The North Wind and the Sun**Quiz** 01-05 The Milkmaid and Her Pail**Quiz** 01-06More Fables **Quiz**
01-07 The King and the Shirt **Quiz** 01-08 How the Fly Saved the River**Quiz** 01-09 The Singing Turtle**Quiz**

Unit Test **Test**

Unit 2 "Myths"

02-01 Greek Myths **Quiz** 02-02 Prometheus**Quiz** 02-03 Demeter and Persephone**Quiz**
02-04 Perseus and Medusa**Quiz** 02-05 The Beginning and the End of the World**Quiz** 02-06 Loki and the Master Builder**Quiz**
02-07 The Moon Spirit and Coyote Woman**Quiz** Unit 2 Test**Test** 


End of First Quarter

Congratulations, If you checked everything above:

You Have Completed The First Quarter of AIDE-AGS Exploring Literature