British Literature

First Quarter

Unit 1 "The Anglo-Saxon Period and Middle Ages: 449-1485"

01-01 Historical Background and Epic Poem from Beowulf by ananymous, translated by Seamus Heaney **Quiz** 01-02 Poem: The Seafarer from The Exeter Book by Anonymous, translated by Burton Raffel**Quiz** 01-03 Ballads Sir Patrick Spens by Anonymous and Get Up and Bar the Door by Anonymous **Quiz**
01-04 Poem from The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer**Quiz** 01-05 Autobiography from The Book of Margery Kempe by Margery Kempe**Quiz** 01-06 Novel from Le Morte d'Arthur by Thomas Malory**Quiz**
01-07 Essay from The Book of St. Albans by Juliana Barnes **Quiz** 01-08 Skills Lesson: Mood **Quiz** Unit 1 Test Preparation**Test**


Unit 2 "The English Renaissance: 1485-1660 "

02-01 Historical Background and Poem Sonnet 31 by Philip Sidney **Quiz** 02-02 Poem On Monsieur's Departure by Elizabeth I **Quiz** 02-03 Poem Sonnet 75 by Edmund Spenser **Quiz**
02-04 Essay Of Studies by Francis Bacon**Quiz** 02-05 Poems The Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe and The Nymph's Reply to the Shepheard by Walter Raleigh **Quiz** 02-06 Poems Sonnet 116 and Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare **Quiz**
02-07 Drama from Hamlet by William Shakespeare**Quiz** 02-08 Prose Psalm 23 from the King James Bible **Quiz** 02-09 Poem Valediction, Forbidding Mourning by John Donne **Quiz**
02-10 Poems Still to Be Neat and To Celia by Ben Jonson**Quiz** 02-11 Poem To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time by Robert Herrick **Quiz** 02-12 Poem To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars by Richard Lovelace **Quiz**
02-13 Poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell **Quiz** 02-14 Epic Poem from Paradise Lost by John Milton **Quiz** 02-15 Poem from Eve's Apology in Defense of Women by Amelia Lanier **Quiz**
  02-16 Skills Lesson: Sonnet **Quiz** Unit 2 Test Preparation **Test** 


End of First Quarter

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