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This course is designed to meet the Alaska Independent Distance Education Curriculum, State of Alaska Performance and Content Standards, and National English Language Arts Education Standards. AIDE/AGS British Literature is developed with the hope that all students, especially those who read significantly below grade level, will understand and appreciate literature of that region from Anglo-Saxon times to the present. The course covers genres and writing styles through writings about: The Anglo-Saxon Period and Middle Ages: 449-1485, The English Renaissance: 1485-1660, The Restoration and the 18th Century: 1660-1798, The Romantic Period: 1798-1832, The Victorian Age: 1832-1901, Contemporary British Literature: 1901-Present, and Writings from the British Dominions. Quizzes and tests are available on-line (graded immediately).

This comprehensive check list below lists all items to be completed in the course. You may use it to keep track of where you are in the course. (Microsoft Word version; Adobe pdf version)

After completing each activity below check the box; when they are all checked you have completed the course.

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You will need a .pdf veiwer to veiw most documents if you have trouble veiwing most documents go to Adobe Reader.