Welcome to AIDE Basic English!

This course is designed to meet the Alaksa Independent Distance Education Curriculum, State of Alaska Performance and Content Standards, and National Education Standards. AIDE Basic English is a comprehensive course that covers the full range of 16 English topics: sentences; nouns in sentences; pronouns in sentences; adjectives in sentences; action verbs in sentences; using state-of-being verbs in sentences; using adverbs in sentences; using prepositional phrases in sentences; using conjunctions and interjections; recongnizing sentence patterns; identifying verbals and verb phrases; writing compound and complex sentences; repairing sentence problems; understanding paragraph basics; writing better paragraphs; preparing to write a report.

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Here is a checklist of all assignments you need to complete in for Basic English. (Microsoft word version, Adobe PDF version). Print it out an put it by your work station to keep track of how you are doing.