American Literature

Second Quarter

Unit 3 "Local Color in America: 1849-1889 "

03-01, Historical Background and Spirituals, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Deep River, by an anonymous author. **Quiz** 03-02 Poem, Thirty-Five by Sarah Josepha Hale **Quiz** 03-03 Autobiography from , The Fugitive Blacksmith by James W. C. Pennington **Quiz**
  03-04 Poems, Beat! Beat! Drums! Come Up from the Fields Father, by Walt Whitman **Quiz** 03-05 Letter, "A Letter to Mrs. Bixby" by Abraham Lincoln **Quiz** 03-06 Speech from, What the Black Man Wants by Frederick Douglass **Quiz**
  03-07 Autobiography from, Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain**Quiz** 03-08 Song The Old Chishom Trail, Anonymous author **Quiz** 03-09 Speech from, This Sacred Soil by Chief Seattle **Quiz**
    03-10 Lullabies, My Son, Lullaby, by Zuni and Makah **Quiz** 03-11 Speech from I will Fight No More Forever by Chief Joseph **Quiz**   Skills Lesson: Dialect**Quiz**
  Unit 3 Test Preparation **Test**


Unit 4 "The Harvest of Realism and Naturalism: 1890-1908"

Historical Background and SHORT STORY, The Open Boat, by Stephen Crane**Quiz** SHORT STORY, To Build a Fire by Jack London**Quiz**  Skills Lesson: Personification **Test**
Unit 4 Test Preparation **Test**


End of Second Quarter

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