AIDE-AGS Exploring Literature

Second Quarter

Unit 3 "Tall Tales and Legends"

03-01, About Tall Tales and Legends **Quiz** 03-02Babe the Blue Ox**Quiz** 03-03 Feboldson, Western Scientist**Quiz**
  03-04 John Henry **Quiz** 03-05 Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane, by Herself**Quiz** 03-06 The Phantom Hitchhiker**Test**
    Unit 3 Test **Test**

Unit 4 "The Short Story"

Short Story Introduction**Quiz** The Celerated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County**Quiz**  Everyday Use**Quiz**
American History **Quiz** Thank You, M'am**Quiz** Unfinished Message **Quiz** Unit 4 Test**Test**


End of Second Quarter

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